First and Second Fanbook

First Fanbook

The Five Great Shinobi Countries

Many countries, both large and small, share the continent where Konoha is located. Every country backs their economic power with military might in the form of a shinobi village, but Lightning, Water, Earth, Wind and Fire have particularly strong shinobi villages, and are known as the Five Great Shinobi Countries.

Land of Lightning: The name comes from the thunder that echoes through the mountains. Th peninsula is divided down the middle by a great mountain range, and rivers run from the range to the winding cliffs at the short, giving the coast a forbidden beauty. Many hot springs dot the land.

Land of Water: An island country floating on the ocean, with a very unique culture. Completely surrounded by water, with most of the land occupied by steep mountains. The smaller islands around the main island each have their own traditions, and many citizens stubbornly insist on preserving these.

Land of Earth: Half of this country is a wasteland covered in rocks. Towering, rocky mountains form a natural border, cutting it off from communication with other countries. Wind from the north sweeps across these mountains, creating a rain of stone upon the countries to the south.

Land of Wind: Despite the country’s size, most of the land is covered in desert. The yearly rainfall is very low, and the population is clustered around the scattered oases. Despite the hardness of the terrain, the population is strong, and prospers from trade with the Land of Fire.

Land of Fire: Gentle rolling hills cover the entire country, which boasts bountiful harvest, supporting a very large population. With its central location, it has long engaged in commerce with the other countries, and has reaped the benefits of contact with each of these cultures, all of which keeps the Land of Fire’s economy booming.

The Gokage

The five ninja that stand at the head of each hidden village!

The hidden villages in the Five Great Shinobi Countries – Rock, Cloud, Mist, Sand, and Leaf – boast a great number of powerful ninja, and their military might far exceeds that of the smaller countries. The “Kage” (Shadow) name is only granted to individuals powerful enough to lead those five hidden villages. Generally, the name is bestowed by the previous owner, but some of the villages determine succession by deliberation among the most powerful leaders. The Gokage stand at the pinnacle of the tens of thousands of ninja in the world, and it is not an overstatement to say that these five leaders keep the world peaceful.

The Era of Great War

The majority of hidden villages took part in these conflicts, throwing all their power into the Era of Great War!! The long battle gave rise to many heroes and resulted in the creation of many powerful jutsu. It also left countless victims and took a terrible toll on the resources of the countries involved. The results of this battle determined the balance of power in the villages scattered across the continent.

Hidden Shinobi Villages

What is a Hidden Village?

The hidden villages were originally founded when a shinobi family left the city and formed a settlement in the mountains. Once villages demonstrated their strengths in battle, their economy stabilized and ordinary people began to move in, and the villages grow into modern hidden village.s

Relationship between Country and Village

The daimyo in charge of a country protects the villages in their domain from enemy attacks and provides money and other supplies as well. While operating an independent government, the leader of a village also provides military support to the country he resides in. The country needs the villages, since their power can tip the balance in diplomatic relationships, and the villages rely on the country to provide a stable place of residence. The relationship remains equal.

Hidden Leaf Village

The strongest hidden village with an elite shinobi squad!

Under the leadership of the Hokage, the Hidden Leaf Village is extremely, successful, possessing great knowledge and skills, and a solid sense of unity. Key to this is a love for their home rarely seen in other villages. Despite living in the hard world of the shinobi, the ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village are loyal to their village, and love and protect all its citizens like family. The persecution of those with unusual or unorthodox abilities that often occurs in other villages is rarely seen here. This open-minded atmosphere helps the village prosper.

Many of the Leaf ninja are known in other countries.

This village is closely built around the Hokage Rock.

Hidden Mist Village

A mysterious hidden village entirely covered in fog…

Under the leadership of the Mizukage, the Hidden Mist Village ninja live by strict rules. Last year a group of shinobi staged a revolt, but it ended in failure.

[Mist] shinobi are skilled a jutsu using mist.

A mist-covered stronghold deep in the mountains.

Hidden Rock Village

Rock-solid natural defences!

This hidden village has the land in its favour – surrounded by a natural fortress of rocky mountains. One word from the leader, the Tsuchikage, and these ninja will risk death without a trace of fear.

Hidden Sand Village

The key to raising shinobi lies in the harsh desert that surround them.

The Hidden Sand Village fought Konoha during the Era of Great War, spilling much blood on both sides. The size of their force greatly reduced, they are now concentrated on raising a smaller number of extremely skilled shinobi.

The Kazekage’s own children receive the toughest training.

Hidden Cloud Village

A powerful village beneath a sea of clouds.

This village is hidden high in the mountains, covered in clouds. Currently quite friendly with Konoha.

Hidden Sound Village

This new forces conceals a sinister ambition!

Orochimaru, a rogue shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village, recently founded this hidden village. Their numbers are small, but every one of them is power, and the strongest of this village should not be underestimated.

Hidden Grass Village

Like the wind that plays across the grass, the true allegiance of these shinobi is never certain.

Using their diplomatic techniques, they read the movements of larger countries to stay one step ahead of events. They also love to analyze the jutsu of other countries.

Hidden Rain Village

Secluded village known for creating unusual jutsu.

This village pushes their shinobi to the limits of their abilities, creating many unique jutsu. Their assassination jutsu are in great demand by other countries.

Many shinobi skilled in genjutsu live here.

Hidden Waterfall Village

The giant waterfall prevents invasion!

They are surrounded by four other countries, but take pride in never having been invaded! They are proud of their residence.

Konoha Topography

Village Founding and Government

Konoha was founded about sixty years ago. A single highly skilled shinobi quietly gather other shinobi together in the woods, forming his own unity, Ever since, the greatest ninja in the village has been called the Hokage, leading the ninja and running the village government. The current government is very democratic, and always listens to the voice of the people.

The First Hokage. Master of many powerful ninjutsu and a strong leader.

All things are decided by the Hokage in conference with the other high-ranked shinobi.

The Streets of Konoha

Konoha was founded deep in the mountains and surrounded by forest. The buildings are made of wood and stone with an eye toward preserving harmony with the natural beauty around them.

To defend against enemy attack, the entire village is surrounded by a sturdy wall, which is guarded at all times by shinobi. Even the strongest ninja would have trouble getting past these defenses!

Lots of green creates a beautiful cityscape.

With the exception of a few shinobi, everyone must have permission to pass through this gate.

Hidden Leaf Village Shinobi: Basic Style Detailed Analysis

Lightweight, easy to move in, sturdy….the Hidden Leaf Village’s clothes meet all these requirements. But the true value of the design can be seen in battle, where a moment’s delay can cost a ninja his or her life.

  • Scroll Pouch: Holds three on each side. Opens downwards for easy use. Also capable of storing medicine or small weapons.
  • Hand Guard: A metal plate is sewn onto the back of the glove to guard against injuries. Sturdy enough to block a Fuuma Shuriken!
  • Leg Bandages: Wrappening these around the legs prevents cuts even in tall grass, and makes it easy to move. Lee wears training weight under [his] leg warmer-like covers.
  • Headband: Protects against blows from the front. In the center is the mark of Konoha.
  • Waist Pouch: Sturdy pouches cary many kinds of ninja tools, which can be easily reached at all times.
  • Shuriken Holster: These holsters carry shuriken and kunai, and are worn strapped to the leg near the throwing hand.

Hidden Leaf Organization

Hokage + Advisors: The Hokage sits at the top of society, listening carefully to his advisors before making any decisions. There are other groups and units that are not known to the general public.

Anbu Black Ops: This shadowy unit is under the direct control of the Hokage. They specialize in torture and assassination. To ensure success, the makeup of the units varies according to the goals and difficulty of their missions.

Medical Corps: They remain on the back lines, supporting the warriors. They are divived into several groups by specialty – emergency staff, technical research, etc., healing all injuries swiftly and efficiently.

Operations Unit: Naruto and Kakashi, and indeed, most ninja, are in this division. Each team is given appropriate missions whose execution helps keep the village going.

Shinobi Society in other villages

Each village organizes themselves differently depending on their customs and culture. There are many functions or types of squads not found in Konoha.

Hunters Squads are a special unit of the Hidden Mist’s Anbu. Also called the “corpse disposal unit,” they possess medical and assassin training.

Shinobi Rulers are a rank found in the Hidden Clouds. Ranked above jounin, and given the authority to represent their village’s interests.


Wise in the ways of Heaven and Earth, he stands at the peak of Konoha!

The Hokage controls all the ninja in Konoha, by far the largest shinobi village. His wisdom and courage are godlike, and he stands at the pinnacle of not only Konoha, but the entire shinobi world. The villages lives and dies with the Hokage, the paths these four leaders walked form the history of the village itself.

Inherited Purpose!

It is not the secret arts and techniques that allow the Hokage to protect the village – “Those that believe in you and trust you are what truly support you.” This pride and faith is what makes a man the true Hokage of Konoha.

The top of Konoha is the top of everything! None can compete with his wisdom!

Hokage History

Founder: Sixty years ago he gathered together like-minded shinobi and founded Konoha.

Second Hokage: Brother of the Founder, he organized the village’s society, allowing it to develop.

Third Hokage: This genius was trained by the First and Second. His reign has been the longest, and his entire life belongs to the village.

Fourth Hokage: Student of the Third Hokage’s disciple. Earned the Hokage name at a very young age, but his reign ended when the Nine-Tailed Fox attacked.


Help the Hokage to guide the village!

The two advisors  – Mitokado Homura & Utatane Koharu – both lived though the war along with the Third Hokage. Their immense experience and knowledge help the Hokage rule well.

Anbu Black Ops

Special operations for the Hokage!

The Anbu are the most secret and elite ninja. They specialise in spying and assassination, and other difficult missions. Their actions and faces are hidden in secrecy. The Hokage selects them personally, regardless of age or gender, and their orders come directly from him.

Like a flash of light, their deadly techniques easily break through enemy defences!

Medical Corps

Incomparable skills support those in battle!

The medical team cooperates with ordinary doctors, learning knowledge and skills that allow them to provide emergency back-up in battle. They also develop new techniques and medicines, research diseases and the human body. By the time they reach the rank of jounin their healing skills are near godly.

They can make medical decisions from the smallest amount of information. Their care is precise and swift.

Operations Unit

The backbone of Konoha!

In other words, regular ninja teams. Operations teams or individuals handle the major of missions the village receives, as well as education and other business. But when the world turns toward war, their knowledge and strength become weapons, and they concentrate on battle.


Ability and unique skills determine a shinobi’s title!!

Konoha ninja are divine into five main ranks. These are given out based on raw strength and capability, and each rank has different duties and missions.


The heart of the village, with superhuman skills!!

These ninja have reached the peak of the shinobi forces through knowledge and courage. Their purpose – to demonstrate their incredible skills on the front lines, guiding and training young shinobi, and passing on their skills. As long as the jounin stand firm, Konoha will not fall.

When a jounin activated a jutsu the air trembles and your blood will freeze!!

Incredible speed and strength define taijutsu. Skills honed to perfection can knock enemy ninja right through walls!!

Special Jounin

Specialists in their fields!!

Special Jounin are ranked between jounin and chuunin, and performed assigned missions according to their specialities. These missions are not limited to spying, torture/interrogation and the like, but extend to education or research, with each assignment matching their skills and knowledge.

Special Jounin Morino Ibiki. Those countless scars symbolize his resolve and dedication!


The elite squad commanders!

Chuunin are in the center of the ranking, but their abilities are far beyond those of genin. A chuunin is required to have the ability to command a small squad of shinobi. This means more than simple skills – they are also required to have leadership ability and good judgement.

Particularly skilled chuunin might be asked to teach or monitor the Chuunin Selection Exams.

Chuunin ninja monitored the third stafe of the test, seeing themselves in the entrant’s passion.


Their abilities support the village!

For any shinobi village, the genin, provide the foundation that determines the village’s scale of operations. Without them, the countless missions, large and small, that constantly pour into the village would never been completed. Their contributions to large-scale battles cannot be ignored either. They might be the lowest rank, but they are no mere soldiers. Each one is unique – they are the branches and the leaves that keep the great tree of Konoha alive, and the roots that support it in every battle.

New genin are placed in three-man cells. As they carry out actual missions, their teamwork grows!

Academy Students

The next generation of ninja!

All members of the academy hope to be ninja one day. Whether from desire, admiration, or destiny…all of them practice furiously, their sights set on that single goal. They hold infinite possibility, with everything they learn, everything they think – they are the village’s future.

Passionate, sincere eyes. Even as they enter the world of shinobi, their hearts are not clouded…

Promotion System

  • Hokage: Selection by the Hokage or a group of high-ranking ninja.
  • Jounin: Selection/Appointment
  • Tokubetsu Jounin: Selection/Appointment
  • Chuunin: Chuunin Selection Exams or Selection/Appointment
  • Genin: Final Exam -> Genin Certification Exam

Final Exam: The test subject is randomly selected from basic ninjutsu. There is no limit to the number of people who can pass the test, so the bar doesn’t seem to be set so high, but…

Genin Certification Exam: The team leader carries out their test directly after academy graduation, mercilessly testing the student’s qualities as shinobi. Those that fail go directly back to the academy!

Chuunin Selection Exams: Tests to see if you have the knowledge and character required to lead a squad. Occurs twice a year in Konoha, in conjunction with other villages.

Mission Ranks and Fees

The rank and mission details are decided by the village leaders…

Every day requests flood into the village, and the Hokage and other villages leaders classify them with one of the five ranks, handing each of them out to appropriate teams.

The fee varues depending on the nature of the mission. Missions beyond the abilities of the team assigned could damage Konoha’s reputation.

Below is the basic nature of each rank and the normal fees.


  • Classification Basis: Mission relates to national secrets.
  • Specific Mission Examples:
    • Request from other countries to join war.
    • VIP assassination or transport of secret documents etc.
  • Fees: More than one million ryo


  • Classification Basis: Mission relates to village and country interests.
  • Specific Mission Examples:
    • Request from other countries to join war.
    • VIP guard duty, subdue ninja squad etc.
  • Fees: 150,000 – 1,000,000 ryo


  • Classification Basis: Mission expected to involve battle with other ninja.
  • Specific Mission Examples:
    • Request from other countries to join war.
    • Bodyguard for private individual, spy work, assassination of ninja etc.
  • Fees: 80, 000 – 200,000 ryo


  • Classification Basis: Mission expected to injure ninja involved.
  • Specific Mission Examples:
    • Request from other countries to join war.
    • Guard private individual, behavior investigation, capture/kill wild animals etc.
  • Fees: 30,000 – 100,000 ryo


  • Classification Basis: Mission involves no direct battle or risk of death.
  • Specific Mission Examples:
    • Request from other countries to join war,
    • Search for missing pets, help harvest potates, babysitting etc.
  • Fees: 5000 – 50,000 ryo

Mission Performance and Team Organization

Teams of four carry out missions

Generally speaking, missions are carried out by a team of four shinobi. Because of this, after passing their certification test, all registered genin are placed into teams. From that point on, team members perform all missions assigned to them.

Team Organization Rules

Chuunin or higher must lead teams.

At least one member of the team must be chuunin or higher. One of the remaining three can be placed as second in command, ready to take over in the event of the leader’s death.

Why four-man teams?

  1. To Ensure Mobility – Four is the upper limit for staying coordinated and moving swiftly with no loss of discipline.
  2. To Height Security – Groups of larger than four are easier for the enemy to detect and actual more at risk

The necessity of the four-man team is a key topic taught at the Academy.

Team Organization Basics

  1. Equalize fighting ability – Teams are selected carefully to avoid putting too much strength into one team.
  2. Specialization towards missions types – Occasionally teams may be assembled from members best suited to carrying out a particular missions.

The concept of equalizing abilities is fairly new.

Ninja Academy

Ninja education facilities founded in a time of upheaval.

Fifty years ago, the Second Hokage, who needed more military might, founded a ninja training camp at the base of the cliff. At first it was purely educational, but it quickly merged with military and domestic facilities and began calling itself the Academy. After the Second Hokage’s death, the Third Hokage perfected the educational systems, and education and training are now carried out under strict standards.

Knowledge for the brilliant, honing body and mind

The motto of Konoha Academy teachers has remained the same since the institute’s founding, namely, “Development as shinobi with respect to individuality.” In a free, open-minded environment students are allowed to stengthen their bodies and minds, discovering their own ninja paths. When they have found their way, they are guided by the belief that fills them. Konoha’s pulse beats…

Acceptance Requirements

  1. You must love the village and hope to help preserve peace and prosperity.
  2. You must have a mind that will not yield, able to endure hard training and work.
  3. Be healthy in mind and body.

If the above conditions are met, your admission to the Academy will be granted.

Education Curriculum

Ninja curriculum, designed to enhance natural qualities and strengthen individuality

Academy education follows a basic development pattern:

  1. Basics: Creation the foundations
  2. Maneuvers: Filling those foundations with skills.
  3. Application: Allowing those skills to ripen.

Through these three steps students acquire the knowledge and techniques every shinobi knows and the ideas behind them.

Basics: Immediately after entrance, students are given basic training and education. Without sturdy bodies and this fundamental knowledge, they will never be shinobi.

Maneuvers: Practical classes quickly have the students using ninja tools, ninjutsu and physical attacks. Many classes practice team play and simulated battle.

Application: When students are deemed to have mastered the basics and maneuvers they are moved to the application stage, where they are taught techniques designed for their personality and skills. Private lessons or special seminars help enhance their specials qualities. Then they graduate.

Genin: New genin are put in three-man cells, given an instructor, and sent out on missions. During harsh real battles they discover their true selves!

For Academy students to become genin, they need to pass two tests. These are merciless, and only those truly qualified can pass.

Academy Graduation Test: Occurs at the Academy – a random selection from the basic ninjutsu.

Genin Certification Test: Performed by the jounin in charge after formation of a three-man cell. Contents vary.


All kinds of training eventually flower.

Daily classes form a curriculum rich in philosophy. Students who would be shinobi, the teachers watching over their progress, the passion with which both go about roles… all detailed here!

Theory: Backed by a wealth of data, the theories behind jutsu and seals are taught in details!

Training: Physical training, grasping basics – all fundamental and unavoidable.

Practice: The Transformation Jutsu and other fundamental jutsu, as well as physical tests. Techniques honed to perfection in demanding class.

Philosophy: Academy students are part of Konoha – the shinobi code is stamped into their young hearts.

History: The wisdom of those that came before…

Report Cards


  • Naruto: F
  • Sasuke: A
  • Sakura: B
  • Ino: A
  • Shikamaru: B
  • Chouji: B
  • Hinata: B
  • Kiba: B
  • Shino: A


  • Naruto: B
  • Sasuke: A
  • Sakura: C
  • Ino: B
  • Shikamaru: C
  • Chouji: B
  • Hinata: A
  • Kiba: A
  • Shino: B


  • Naruto: F
  • Sasuke: A
  • Sakura: B
  • Ino: B
  • Shikamaru: C
  • Chouji: C
  • Hinata: B
  • Kiba: C
  • Shino: B


  • Naruto: F
  • Sasuke: F
  • Sakura: B
  • Ino: B
  • Shikamaru: B
  • Chouji: B
  • Hinata: A
  • Kiba: C
  • Shino: B


  • Naruto: A
  • Sasuke: C
  • Sakura: B
  • Ino: A
  • Shikamaru: C
  • Chouji: B
  • Hinata: F
  • Kiba: A
  • Shino: C

Classroom Attitude

  • Naruto: F
  • Sasuke: B
  • Sakura: A
  • Ino: B
  • Shikamaru: F
  • Chouji: C
  • Hinata: A
  • Kiba: C
  • Shino: B

Teacher’s Comments

  • Naruto: “Stands out for both his poor grades and his poor behaviour. Has guts and motivation but never studies.”
  • Sasuke: “Has an incredible sense for ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu, and has maintained top grades. Frequently strikes out on his own during cooperative exercises – needs to work on teamwork and cooperation.”
  • Sakura: “Worth watching, both for her range of knowledge and control of chakra, but she doesn’t seem to enjoy taijutsu. Occasionally prone to emotional outbursts, but if she channels that energy she should be able to improve on all her skills.”
  • Ino: “Outstanding grades, and gets other to follow her lead. Occasionally lets that go to her head.”
  • Shikamaru: “Absolutely not motivated. Sleeps all the time – it’s amazing he hasn’t flunked out.”
  • Chouji: “No-one rivals his knowledge and interest in food. I once yelled at him for eating too early and he went berserk.”
  • Hinata: “Very retiring and pessimistic. I can’t tell her to follow the problem student’s lead, but she needs to put herself forward.”
  • Kiba: “Very violent. Takes good care of his dog, but needs to pay more attention to those around him.”
  • Shino: “Extremely mature for an Academy Student. I’d like to see him play occasionally to develop his emotions.”

Uzumaki Naruto’s Home

Window: The big window on the east side of the room is just above his bed. The sunbeams pouring in through this serve as his alarm clock…?

Potted Plant: This is here for no other reasons than he enjoys watering it. It is well looked after, and the leaves are very healthy.

Kitchen: He eats ramen three meals a day, so essentially doesn’t cook at all. The fridge is filled with milk.

Training Room: This window-less room is designed for total concentration. Covered in scrolls and books.

Personality Traits

The book included a few personality quizzes that tell you which ninja you are most like. For each character they compare your personality to, there’s a small summary on their characteristics.

Mitarashi Anko

  • Personality: Very serious, with a strong sense of responsibility, and never slacks off.
  • Love: Serious about love and would never cheat.
  • Work: If she takes a job, she finishes it. Quite capable.
  • Could crumble under pressure. Occasionally needs to explode. Eats a lot.

Umino Iruka

  • Personality: Bright and positive. Tough – never gives up.
  • Love: Passionate and devoted. Might fall in love at first sight.
  • Work: Talent shines in a chose field. A good researcher.
  • Easy to get along with and there for you in tough times too.

Yuuhi Kurenai

  • Personality: Nothing hidden. Works hard but always positive.
  • Love: Values bonds between hearts and would have a very healthy relationship.
  • Work: Acts before she thinks. Very strong when she has momentum.
  • Takes betrayal badly. Listen to the voice of experience.

Hatake Kakashi

  • Personality: Calm and smart. Hides his kindness.
  • Love: Surprisingly domestic. Protects his partner with love.
  • Work: Many hidden talents. Can do any job.
  • Can see through bluster and pull out hidden talents.

Sarutobi Asuma

  • Personality: Quiet, retiring. Little out of it?
  • Love: Would prefer a relaxed, friendly relationship?
  • Work: Normally laid back but good in a pinch.
  • A sensei who can watch over you and see your individuality.

Might Guy

  • Personality: Adventurous – values independence and positive thinking.
  • Love: Extremely spoiled and popular – might cheat
  • Work: Passionate, often surprises.
  • Emotionally and passionately hones your abilities.

Romantic Tendencies

  • Rock Lee: Passionate, prone to love at first sight, and [his] affectionate statement are very direct. But [he] also lose[s] interest quickly.
  • Hyuuga Hinata: Shy and careful. [She] take[s] a lot of time to fall in love, patiently waiting for a deep relationship.
  • Yamanaka Ino: Romantic, prone to corny statements. High ideals, and very demanding of [her] partner.

Second Fanbook



  • Population: 5/5
  • Military strength: 3/5
  • Economic strength: 2/5


  • Population: 2/5
  • Military strength: 3/5
  • Economic strength: 2/5


  • Population: 2/5
  • Military strength: 2/5
  • Economic strength: 2/5


  • Population: 3/5
  • Military strength: 4/5
  • Economic strength: 5/5


  • Population: 4/5
  • Military strength: 4/5
  • Economic strength: 2/5

The Shinobi World Wars

This is the history of the most sinful and blood-smeared wars of the world of shinobi…!!

Without a doubt, the shinobi world wars were hell!! Even the surviving shinobi were heavily affected…!!

It has been about sixty years since the birth of the ‘Five Great Shinobi Countries’. The history of the shinobi’s wars has been repeated again and again. Amongst them are the ‘shinobi world wars’, which involved the entire shinobi world and led to many casualties. These wars broke out thrice and brought together all of the power held by the various countries’ hidden villages. On top of the innumerable amount of corpses, today’s stability was built.

The conflicts of the Great Five Shinobi Countries called out the troubles of the entire shinobi world!!

Playing a central role in the shinobi world wars, the countries called the ‘Great Five Shinobi Countries’ hold massive funds and resources. In exchange for economic support from the great countries, like goods and money, the various hidden villages put everything on the line to fight as their military force. Within the shinobi world, the influence of the five great countries was tremendous, and the great countries’ intentions spread to all countries and people. Especially the villages that did not receive aid from the great countries were left violently ruined by the war, and because of looting by the aggressors, the damage even reached civilians.

The ‘war orphans’ lost both their parents to the shinobi world wars. Their many fates were all disastrous…!!

The world before the shinobi world wars

Before the establishment of the hidden villages, there was an era of unending conflict, called the ‘Warring States Period’. During this time, shinobi organisations were little more than armed groups based on clans. The countries, intent on expanding their interests and territory, employed them individually, causing war everyone to go on and on…!!

More than eighty years ago, the world was in chaos.

The mystery-ridden First Shinobi World War

The ‘First Shinobi World War’ was the first great war after the Five Great Shinobi Countries were established. Because the outbreak of the war had thrown the entire shinobi world back into chaos, there are only few records concerning the war. One thing is certain: after the war, many tactics were born from the experiences of the war. These form the foundation of current battles…!!

The shinobi killed in the line of duty during the war had their names inscribed on the memorial stone as heroes.

The Second Shinobi World War

Situated in-between Konoha, Iwa, and Suna, the village of Amegakure, became the site of a bloody battle where the three villages fought ruthlessly!!

The seriously wounded Five Great Shinobi Countries ended the First Shinobi World War with an armistice treaty. For a while, there was peace. However, about twenty years after the war, the economic disparity between the countries grew more and more severe. Using the ‘expansion of fair interests’ as a pretext, war factions began to rise amongst the nations. Territorial expansion through the use of military force grew. The gruesome Second Shinobi World War had begun.

Tsunade’s grief over losing her lover gave birth to the development of present-day medical ninjutsu.

The Third Shinobi World War

The damage done by the Second Shinobi World War had been enormous for all nations. Because of a decline in national power, the reign of the Five Great Countries was crumbling. Along their borders, skirmishes with smaller nations broke out all the time. The prolonged war gradually spread its fires far and wide, until at last it developed into the Third Shinobi World War. This war turned into an unprecedented war of attrition, tormenting all nations with a shortage of war potential. Not even excepting a great power like Konoha, very young children were thrown unto the battlefield, losing their short lives.

Iwagakure’s master-hand was their invasion of Kusagakure, which allowed them to advance to the border with the Land of Fire. They were welcomed with an attack by Konoha shinobi!! With the pride and rise or fall of their villages on the line, a fierce battle ensued…!!

Many shinobi organisations were also created…!! During the great wars, people appeared who formed shinobi organisations, collecting their characteristic military power.

During battles for supremacy, they became useful as valued war potential, but too much power was regarded as dangerous and was even destroyed…

The shinobi who did the best during the wars would be remembered as ‘heroes’.

Konoha’s Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze: His high-speed battle techniques, based on ‘space–time ninjutsu’, could not be seen through, even by skilled shinobi.

Konoha’s White Fang, Sakumo Hatake: He was such a powerful man that it was said that even the ‘Legendary Sannin’ paled before him. He is Kakashi’s father.

Hanzō of the Salamander: The head of the old Amegakure. Clear-headed and with many techniques under his control, his name was known throughout the shinobi world!!

Ninja World Apocalypse

Top Secret File #1: The ultimate goal of the mysterious Uchiha Madara!

Secretly exerting true control over Akatsuki from the shadows, Uchiha Madara, though masking himself and acting as a clown, in reality holds a fearsome ambition!! While Akatsuki’s objectives have been stated by its leader Pain to be the creation of the world’s greatest forbidden jutsu weapon – a weapon to be used to cause war and force revolution upon the world – Madara’s true objectives lie elsewhere!! This is what he refers to as “The Moon’s Eye Plan” and it would appear to have strong connections with the legend of the Sage of Six Paths, the man known as the “God of Shinobi”.

Madara has revealed his past to Sasuke. Still, in regards to the “Nine-Tails Incident”, there seem to have been fabrications.

Despite wielding massive power, Madara nonetheless acts from behind the scenes; the reason being that injuries incurred though battling the First Hokage have never healed. As such, Madara intends on regaining his true powers and furthering them still by becoming “complete”, and it is this that is the very essence of “The Moon’s Eye Plan”. More specifically, he intends to become host of the Ten-Tails, the combined form of the nine Tailed Beasts. Upon possessing this power he would then become capable of casting a great genjutsu he calls “Infinite Tsukuyomi”. And by using this power, bringing the entirety of humanity under his genjutsu and controlling them to meet his every whim will be but a trivial task. And thus, will Madara fulfill his true ambition, to claim the world for his own!!

Madara’s ability to pass all ninjutsu and physical attacks through his body is yet another of his mysteries.

Madara retains his Sharingan. Nonetheless, he still chooses not to reveal the extent of his powers…

Uchiha Madara, one of the founders of Konoha, was defeated by the First Hokage at the “Valley of the End” and is said to have died as a result. Even the First Hokage, the very person who fought him, was convinced of his death. So what means, exactly, have allowed Madara to live on!? Mysterious still is the fact that the current Madara posesses a body capable of causing all attacks to pass through it. Even Madara himself admits to being a “shadow” of what he once was, but what is the true meaning of this!?

Madara’s death is a historical fact known to all Shinobi, but nonetheless…

Top Secret File #2: The truth behind the “Nine-Tails Incident”

When the Nine-Tails attacked, the hidden village of Konoha was wrought with devastation, ending with the death of even the Fourth Hokage. While there was debate as to whether the attack was the plot of some individual or a naturally occurring disaster, much in line with the suspicions of the Konoha elders, it was a “man-made” disaster caused by none other than Madara himself. Indeed, the great power of his dōjutsu makes it possible for him to bend even the Nine-tails to his own will.

The Fourth Hokage, who fought the Nine-tails during the attack, battled with Madara as well!!

Top Secret File #3: Akatsuki originated in Kirigakure!?

During the period it was known as the “Village of Bloody Mist”, Kirigakure cut all foreign ties and the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, ruled with an iron fist!! But there are those who now suspect that Yagura was being controlled by Akatsuki. It is quite possible that the geographic location of Kiri, being surrounded by water and easily cut off from the outside world, was used against itself!!

In the “Village of Bloody Mist”, students were forced to partake in a graduation exam where they would kill one another. Was Kirigakure truly going to such lengths to further its own power!?

Top Secret File #4: The moon, a creation of the Sage of Six Paths

The Sage of Six Paths, known as the father of Shinobi, once, long ago, astonished the world by sealing the Ten-tails!! Its chakra having been removed, the Ten-tails was sealed within a massive sphere, and sent to a place where none might disturb it. According to one Legend, this became what is now known as the “Moon” today…

Possessing the Rinnegan, the same eyes as he Sage of Six Paths, Nagato too attempted use a sphere emitting great gravity in order to seal his opponent, the Nine-tails.

Top Secret File #5: The ambitions of the new Hokage, Danzō

Known as the “Darkness of Shinobi”, Danzō’s past is defined by an endless stream of dark rumors. In the past, Danzo once sought the title of Hokage in opposition to the moderate Hiruzen, who later became Third Hokage. But defeated still, Danzō maintained the existence of Root even after its dismantlement by the Third, and had waited ever vigilant for a chance to take the position of Hokage. Now having finally attained his sought after goal of becoming Hokage, he has now finally begun to put his plans to motion both in an official manner and behind the scenes!! His ambition is the unification of the world of ninja. What will be the next move of this man who has no reservations in using any means to meet his own ends!?

His right eye is the Sharingan of Uchiha Shisui. And his right arm is what he has “up his sleeve”!?

Danzō and Orochimaru were involved with one another!? In order to keep him silent and retrieve Orochimaru’s experiment data, Danzō continues to search for Kabuto.

Top Secret File #6: The power of the legendary dōjutsu, the Rinnegan

The “realms” of Asura, Animal, Preta, Deva, Human, Naraka, and finally Outer. He who possesses the Rinnegan is capable of utilizing seven different powers. And of those, the one that stands out most is that of the Outer realm. Used only by Nagato, the main entity in control of Pain, its powers transcend even the very concepts of life and death!! While it consumes a great amount of chakra, by using it one may even bring back to life individuals who have already met their end.

In exchange for his own life, Nagato revived the fallen victims of his attack on Konoha!!

Top Secret File #7: A “chain of hatred” that begins with the Father of Shinobi!

The Sage of Six Paths spent his days spreading the word of Shinobi Sect in an attempt to bring peace to the world, but ultimately he approached his death with without realizing his goal and the remaining work was left to his sons. Possessing the eyes of the sage, the elder son sought a peace by way of power, whereas the younger son, inheriting the body of the sage, sought a peace by way of love. Of the two, the sage chose the younger as his successor, and the older son, finding the decision unacceptable, chose to fight his brother!! Time passed and the battle continued with the elder son’s descendants as the Uchiha and the younger son’s as the Senju!! The battle between Madara and Hashirama was indeed inevitable. What now will happen between Naruto and Sasuke…?

Naruto suppressed his feelings for vengeance and chose a path of peace!!

Future destiny was sewn as the Sage of Six Paths chose his successor.

The Senju Clan inherited strong bodies, pulsing with life!!

The Uchiha Clan inherited intense chakra and powerful eyes!!

Now that he has obtained the Mangekyo Sharingan, will Sasuke tread the same path as Madara!?